The Intelligent Dolphins

 Like bats, dolphins use echolocation to navigate and hunt, bouncing high-pitched sounds off objects, and listening for the echoes.
(mmmmm…ternyata itu toh alasannya suka loncat ke permukaan)

 One experiment has proved that dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror – something that very few animals can do.
(oooo…pantesan kalau ngangkat Gigi or Lala ke depan cermin, mereka tuh ga ngeh sama sekali)

 Studeis show that dolphins are able to mimic, understand sign languange, solve puzzle and use objects in their environment as tools
(nyelesain sudoku bisa ga’??? heheheheheh…I dare you….)

 Most of vertebrae in a ddolpin’s neck are separate units, which gives them the ability to turn their head. All vertebrae in a porpoise’s neck are fused, which means they cannot turn their head to look left and right. In order to do so, the must turn their entire body
(poor dolphin, ga bisa ikut aerobic tuh di back yard)

 Dolphins have cone shaped teeth while porpoises have spade shaped teeth
(hihihi…jadi pengen liat….)

 Dolphins posses only one set of teeth. Therefore, if they lose or break a tooth, it is not replaced by another
(fuh….untung bukan dolphin…ga kebayang masih muda dah ompong….amit amit dah)

 Dolphin do not chew their food but rather shallow their prey whole. They use their teeth to catch their prey.
(ga keselek tuh….hebat…tenggorokannya selebar apa yah??)

 The outer layer of a dolphin is replaces every two hours to promote a smooth hydrodynamic surface, which decreases drag when swimming.
(mmmmm…..dah diatur ma yang di atas tuh)

 An average dolphins eats 3 to 5 percent of its body weight each day
(gimana ga gemuk…makan sebanyak itu)

 In the wild, dolphins live 25 to 30 years but in captivity can live as long as 40 years
(kalau gitu tangkap aja deh semua dolphins so mereka bisa hidup lebihlama…ya ga’??)

 Dolphins mate 365 days a year

 Dolphins are sexually promiscuous, with males competing for females
(pin pin, ga takut kena AIDS…???)

 Dolphins are the only other animals besides humans that get pleasure out of sex. They are also the only other animals that have sex for reasons other than reproduction.

 Dolphins are able to exchange 80 percent of the air in their lungs with each breath, while humans are only capable of exchanging 17 percent
(cek cek cek……hebat….)

 Dolphins lack olfactory receptors and therefore do not have a sense of smell (gantian sekarang…I’m good at sniffing…hihihi…pa lagi ma bau masakan…)

 Dolphins have 20/20 vision both above and below water. They are able to see in both environments, because they can control the way light enters their eye via specializes, ocular muscles)
(bisa nyari bangkai pesawat Adam Air dong….)

 Dolphins hear about 7,5 times better than humans
(salut deh…!!!)

 A dolphin’s flipper has five digit and nearly the same bone structure as a human arm and hand
(banyak banget….pantesan bisa jago renang…ajarin dong…hiks…)

 Captive dolphins have been taught in excess of 25 human spoken words and have learned to speak these human sounds when communicating with us.
(hi pin, how are you today? How’s life ?)

 Dolphins have also demonstrated the ability to understand sentence structure; for example : “take the ball to the float” versus “ Take the float to the ball”. Because of the ability of dolphins to learn and perform complex task in captivity, their continuous communication with one another and their ability to mimic the sounds of a few human words, some scientists have suggested that they might be capable of learning a true language and communicating with humans
(Jadi pengen liat langsung….selama ini cuman liat di tv)

 The bottlenose dolphin is longer in United Kingdom water (measuring up to 410 cm length) than those off the coast of Florida ( up to 270 cm in length)
(mmm..kandungan garam di U.K kali yang lebih banyak…hehehehe…cleverdick…)

Source : The Jakarta Post

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  1. @mas jampang….Allah hebat yah….^_^@echanEchan suka ma dolphin yah…^_^ ally blom pernah deh liat langsung….cuman liat gambarnya ma lewat tv doang….eh di jakrta tuh tempatnya di mana untuk ngeliat aksi lumba lumba?

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