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After Watching The Pursuit of Happyness

Several questions suddenly popped into my mind when all the scenes of The Pursuit of Happyness ended. Have you watched the movie? (That’s not the question). It’s based on true story and Will Smith played one role there. It’s good. Watch it if you have time. I said so not because I shed a tear for some pictures. There’s something that you can only get when you play it on your DVD. Trust me.

What does happiness means? When do you feel happy? Are you happy now?

Should I run after it? Is happiness always related with money?

They don’t need answer.

This is the list of something that can make me feel better. I am happy when:

Ø My lovely M (+D) trust me for everything. So no more worried phone calls. No more job that I have to turn down because of something.

Ø The old car in my garage is fine. The machine is good and works every time I insert the key and step on the gas. The most important thing is I can drive it (I‘m going to have my driving class this Saturday, yaiy )

Ø My crazy cat, Godai, become normal and stops haunting me with its mew, miaow and meow. Are those foods not enough for you little stomach?

Ø Some books are finished and piles of unread paper are sunk. The publishers never care if I have read all the books. They keep bring out those books which makes me droll.

Ø My house is clean. So my sisters won’t complaint every time they visit me. Sometimes I think I need a maid. This house is too big for little young woman (hehe) like me.

Ø The meals that I cook are good enough to feed human and animal. So my cats will never get stomachache. Yeah, I am still learning how to be a good cook. Unfortunately, until now, I just know how to fry. I have not known how to taste the food. Is the salt enough? Hmm something wrong with my tongue

Ø Listening to the songs on my play list. This helps me so much. At least it is a good remedy when the entire storm came and ruined everything. Thanks for everyone who has upload their music in multiply.

Ø Hanging out and have a little chit chat with my friends. I don’t know what will happen if I don’t have them. *hugs

Ø Get a new job so I can pay all the bills. It’s almost a year since I left my last job. There are some coins from little project that I do. But to be a bla bla (I’ll tell you soon) engineer is my dream and I can’t let it go.

Ø I can’t write more…it‘s too much…hehehe…To The Eyes above who always watching over me…thanks for everything…It’s nice to know that You are always there. It’s also makes me happy.


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