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Knob, Please Listen To Them

If you are good at something, never do it for free.


I suddenly remembered those words above when I heard a same plain old problem. It is not always  about money. It is more about appreciation. Something that many old geezers have forgotten. Err not many but some.  At least it happened in two different places where I have attended in. They seems do not care with all the staff as long as all the goal reached. In their mind all the achievement is because of them.It might slip their mind that their idea or existence is only one factor. I’m pretty sure they are not deaf but it is hard for them to listen. A  common thing that belongs to all the  top dog. They just forget without the team, they are nothing.

Ooopppss…I should not have talked too much about this. All these complain words will not solve the riddle  though. But the experts say it is always good to write down something, which bug your mind. 😉


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