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Dear the Eyes above,

I feel bad.As you can see, two of my reports this afternoon were horrible. You deserve something better. I am so sorry you can not get it from me. It is just not my day

When I said my thresh hold was not that low, I was wrong. I bear for tiny things.


Let’s see what the problem are. My lucky charm did not work well. The shield, which used to protect me, was not as thick as it used to be.. No wonder the demons attacked me easily. I became red. Everything seemed against me. Simple things like a quote belongs anonymous, those words on caps lock, an almost-lost-document, unexpected phone called, and all those silly files really pissed me off.

I am pretty sure you have seen what I was trying to do. But like the charm and shield, all my great playlist did not help at all. Trying to change it from one score to another was useless. The Avenue Q could not make me laugh. All my magic words failed me. None of them could bring me back to my green zone.. Even those sweet chocolates. Hah!!!

I know by telling the world all this crap words will not help me at all. But just let me do this. I do not know how long it takes. Let’s hope my beauty sleep will help. It’d be a long deep sleep. Please wake me up when the incubus is gone

Thanks in advance. See you tonight.

Images credit: http://phoenix.fanster.com

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