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Just Another Drama

“But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

Hi there,

One simple question. Do you recognize those words above?

No? Ouch.

Ahh, Let me give you some clue then. Hmmm, fox, prince from other planet, hunter, roses, ex-pilot. How about those words? What? you still do not get it.

How about the pictures below?

this one?

and this one?

What? all those things above dont help at all. 😦

Ok, how about if I said The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. Still no? aaahhh..You have not read the book, have you? That is why you do not understand how to run the game. All No from you answer evertyhing.  You know nothing. How can I make a complain. I am so sorry. I should have not done that.

One sugesstion from me, take time to read The Little Prince will not waste your time. I guarantee it. You will get your cash back if I lie. I give 5/5 for the story and ilustration. FYI, I never lie if it is about a good book. So trust me.

Image Credit: http://theliterarylink.com


5 thoughts on “Just Another Drama

  1. The Little Prince. One of my favorite child book. No. Even adults should read it too. Waa.. Time to re-read it again! 😀

    @Nita : really?? Gramedia sini terakhir ngecek masih banyak stoknya. saya cek-kan mau? yang terjemahan sih.

  2. Loooooove this book XD
    Padahal dulu pas baca pertama kali rasanya seperti buku anak2 biasa (dulu = SMP)…
    Setelah mengerti jadi suka banget 😡

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