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The Water Crisis Is Everywhere

Today, October 15th 2010, some people, who joined Blog Action Day, wrote same thing in their blog. They took water as the topic and I am about to join.

At the first I was wondering why they chosed Water? Then I started searching and reading about issue. It did not take long time to find a bunch of bitter fact. As all of you might have known, many places, region, country in this world are facing water crisis. Billion people out there can not access water for a clean and safe drinking, afford sufficient one for sanitation or  for agricultural.

Talk  deeper about water as safe and clean drinking, what I found from the link that they gave me, in Africa a lot of women and children have to walk thousand miles ,which full of risks  for water. Thousands children died because of unhygienic water and even worse , a regional conflict happened over scarce water resources.

All those condition above made me think about my own country. The water crisis also happens here, In Indonesia .

Before talk about what happen in another town, let me tell you situation in my family. We have a well that used be a source water for drink, cook, and sanitation  But now, my mother have to pay for every litre of water and hire people to lift every . The well now just give her water full of mud. I have told her to build the new one. But she said it was not that easy.

But the problem that is faced by my family is nothing compared to all people who live around the Ciliwung, a river that passes through Jakarta, Indonesia. The water has been contaminated by chemical waste and tons of garbage.For all people who do not have a proper toilet, will also use the river. And it seems  not a problem. No matter how dirty water is, they still use it to clean up even to wash the rice and other food material. I am not sure they do not understand the risk or they have no option.

What I know, the governement has tried  many ways to solve the problem. But the river are still polluted and no wonder every year  flood happens. We need a serious effort here. Because by telling them not to throw away the trash into the river is not enough.

Everything  I wrote above is only a small thing. I wish I can do more.

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