It’s totally new for me. His story is more complicated than I thought. I never read the comic. So the story about the villain was little bit surprising. There were so many victims, I guess. They ruined tons of buildings and long as I remember, the last man with a same suit would not do such thing. He wouId try hard to keep anyone out of harm’s way. All I know is Lex Luther, no one else.Since I am not a big fan. I never watch the previous movie. I do not know if such thing has happened before.

They need money. So they come up with something different. I wonder if this story is also printed in Its original comic. I wish I could find a big fans of this Man with his super power. ahh… I am pretty sure those geeks have the answer. They might show me in which issued that tell the story about the planet and its details.

Although they give something new, the duration is too long. I felt bored. Asking when the movie finished was one thing I did in the few last minutes.

I think I am gonna check the reviews in IMDB. I’d love to know what people said about the movie.


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