me me me

Hi there FH,
Is that you?. I’m so sorry for the stupid question. *blush*
What exactly were we doing there? Where were we going?Why we choose that path?
I wish there was enough time to make a complete story.
Jya ne.

Dear the Eyes Above,
The owner must be really confused.
Please make them feel better. Please give them something better as the replacement.
The next question is, how to handle the staff?
Do you think Google have the answer?

I need thesaurus. I am pretty sure they have the application in Google play.Some new words are needed. I think I have overused all the words.

I have returned the money. I do hope the bank officer will give it back to the owner.

Ogenki desu ka? Isogashii desu ne?

The more I think about all my plans, the more I realize that they are increased one by one. I have tons of them. Unfortunately there is no priority list yet. someday I’ll tell you some of them.


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