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Here I Am Again

It’s been months since my last post. Writing a new update seems little bit difficult lately. I am not that busy till I let this blog empty. I just did not take time to sit down and write what I have seen, listened, or thought about.

It was 2005 when I published my first post. I decided to keep one because I want to share everything that I have inside my mind. Besides I had some friends who were eager to read all those silly stuff that I wrote.

I used to write everything here. The lyric of favorite songs, books that I love, until a movie that I just watched could be found here. I wrote them for fun. I felt great when I clicked that publish button. I’d be glad if someone read it and left some meaningful comment. It was totally fine when I got  no words as reply. Years went by, I lost that passion. I let this blog lost its soul.

But then, this post is here. If it is not Blogging 101, there will not be any update. I was cleaning my inbox when I found The Daily Post. it was Michelle W who wrote the “invitation”. It did not take days for me to fill the registration form. Not only because I need to bring back all the blogging excitement  but I also need this as writing practice. I am taking IELTS course and my tutor says I need to improve my writing skill. I hope by taking a part in this challenge, I can achieve those two. I hope I can keep up with coming up assignment and bring back my passion for writing. So this blog, once again, can run in the right track.

When I wrote this,  actually I was worried with my grammar but they say just keep writing. So here I am, writing again.


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