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“Misplaced library book frustrates patrons and gives librarian migraines” Now I know the reason why they insist us to put the books on the table right after we read it. No matter how high the pile of the book that we took, they were fine with it. Haha Advertisements

my thought

Dalam dua minggu ini udah buat dua blog baru. Haha!  Temanya sih masih sama. Nyampah, nyampah deh. Let’s blame the brain who thinks so many possibilities. Hhhmmm apa kabar blog buku dan kawan-kawannya. Hiks. Apa perlu ya buat review singkat aja macam punya Kirkus. Singkat, padat dan jelas. Kayaknya harus sering-sering main ke web mereka deh. Jadi… Continue reading

my thought

“How do you hold on to someone you’ve never met?” The words above made me laugh when I read it for the first time. Then the environment changed dramatically. My bad. I forgot to put the shields on. I think It is time to watch the movie (again) since I do not keep any sequence.

my song

Nemu “There Will Never Be Another You”. Ternyata banyak versinya. Dari Nat King Cole sampai Frank Sinatra. Yang Rosemary Clooney juga asyik. Pengen dengar semuanya. Besok deh ya. Sekarang waktunya ngelahap One More Day